Beyond the Canopy 585

Beyond the Canopy 585 published on 4 Comments on Beyond the Canopy 585

Aaaand scene! One more small bit and this chapter’s finally done. There either won’t be an update Friday or next Tuesday, work’s been a bit hell this week and I’m gone all weekend sooo we’ll see what happens!

HALLOWEEN 2018!!!!

HALLOWEEN 2018!!!! published on 6 Comments on HALLOWEEN 2018!!!!

11-2-18: Didn’t have time to get another page ready for today, so I’ll see you guys Tuesday! HAPPY GHOUL DAY EVERYONE I had to pull double duty here, this serves as both a Halloween update and my monthly patreon wallpaper for $5 backers, they get access to high res files of this and all past… Continue reading HALLOWEEN 2018!!!!