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Redwood’s not good with politics I know I said this’d be up on Christmas but OOPS family stuff got overwhelming and uhhh also I got a PS4 and Bloodborne so. That happened. 🙂 ANYWAYS! This is the last page of the year! I have to take a bit of time off to finish a freelance… Continue reading Page 455

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Man that’s some crazy weather! Just so you all know, this Saturday I’ll be at the Big Apple Comic-Con in NYC with my friend Tim! I’ll have most of the usual books with me, as well as some Paradox Space books, and I’ll be selling these new stickers! Drop on by if you’re in the… Continue reading Page 472 + 473

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I don’t think Lavender can take many more compliments. We’re back! Still coughing up a storm but I’m functional enough to deliver you entertainment! I’m also functional enough to deliver you guys some new merch news! I’ve got Beyond the Canopy Sticker sheets and I’m Good At Science stickers up on the store now! Check… Continue reading Page 475

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THE BEST TRAVEL COMPANION Family surgery last week, sick dog this week, this month’s not being kind!!! I’m trying to get back up to 2 pages a week but for now I’m at least trying to keep friday updates steady. Sorry it’s been so rocky lately!