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Dang! The plot just continues to thicken! Is Patchverk being honest here or is he himself seeking petty revenge and this is all a farce? How is Glenn going to figure into all of this? For that matter what about Baron Boneburn? It seems likely he will take advantage of the sovereigns squabbling with one another. Plus is Grandpa really a bad guy, misguided at one point, or was he a double agent?

First update of the year is a doozy! Keep up the good work 🙂

Well, remember that flashback we say before, when Bramble was pleading with Nightshade? I’m guessing that Bramble worked with hm, but when he got the idea that led to the critical bloom, Bramble wasn’t in agreement with Nightshade and was trying to stop him and the rest of the Verdant Vanguard.

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