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Lets see how far she has gone so far without a formal declaration of war being called as yet,
– crashed the meeting uninvited [ could be forgiven even if a diplomatic no-no]
– did something not nice to all the guards on the way
– attacked the local and visiting dignitaries
– hijacked the communication network
– supposedly dad stole, er bought through secondary channels the technology
– Is now in the process of assault and kidnapping of a visiting regent

Where the heck are the guards and the army and the bodyguards for all the dignitaries? They must have had plenty of time to put two and two together once the broadcast started right?

“Where the heck are the guards and the army and the bodyguards for all the dignitaries?”

Forgotten somewhere in the writing. Rule of Drama is clearly at play here, keeping any kind of security or armed forces from even existing, let alone being effective against a grand total of two people. Even if some sort of “cavalry” shows up late, it’s reached the point of being unbelievable that they would take so long to do so, considering the location. This is the kind of place that would probably be armed to the teeth.

Yeah, this isn’t just an informal declaration of war the Sprigg Kingdom, but the sovereigns in general. If their treaty is anything like NATO, or even anything like the mesh of alliances present in Europe pre-WWI then this is how a world war starts. The issue is that Patchjerk is being so transparent about all this. Over the past few years he has been aggressively taxing his people and rapidly expanding his military. That isn’t exactly going to make it easy for him to play the victim with the other kingdoms, especially with the brutish display. So will any of the other sovereigns be gullible enough to play into Patchverk’s plans, or does he really think he can win against all the other kingdoms? Or, perhaps, he has an ally whose intentions are still largely shrouded in mystery?

Whilst I shouldn’t like a villain there’s no way I can’t acknowledge that that is a super cool move!

Looks painful too though, ripping all that hair off her head…

Shit just got real. Nice twist with gramps being a member of this world’s ISIS. Or maybe we come to find that Arbor Nightshade wasn’t the terrorist ahole he is made out to be?

yeahhhhhhh but what if she’s wearing a WIG
that would look weird if that thing (who knows if she even wears a wig) was off her head
unless she had endless life and hair……. she dosen’t look that different when she ripped off the hair
ok but she has a HAIRNET not a funny joke tho
(btw the bird on chief redwood’s hat flew off his head)

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