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Hm, curious curious…
Aside from the Mary Magdalene pun, there’s a second aspect…
Aloe vera is used for curing certain things, such as healing sunburns.
But if she is a “Killer Vera”…
Perhaps she likes to take things slow after all.

I’m guessing Vera was a really tall Sprigg when she was alive?
Also probably a murderer

Ah, I had figured that Shambles was not willingly subservient to the Baron. Now the only real mystery left is Horatio. What’s his deal?

Horatio is too cool to be bound to anyone. He simply goes along with the Baron’s plans to help out an old friend.

Oh, I certainly didn’t think Horatio was bound to anyone, he’s much too powerful for that. My current working theory is that the spider is the true mastermind behind it all. Everything the Baron’s doing is all part of Horatio’s plan. So is everything Glenn is doing. Horatio is symbolic of the deep state bourgeois, as indicated by his monocle and fine dress, and he’s got everyone tangled up in his web.

On an actually serious note it’s so odd that a spider would be in the realm of the dead as a spider. I honestly would not be surprised if Horatio turns out to be hosting some ancient deep-spirit thing and indirectly (maybe unintentionally) acting as the eye for a hypothetical “true” mastermind behind everything, including the Baron’s plans

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