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Beyond the Canopy 590

Beyond the Canopy 590 published on 13 Comments on Beyond the Canopy 590

Well Elmsly, maybe you’d know what they were up to IF THE WOODS WOULD GET CABLE ALREADY!!

I forgot Thanksgiving is this week! I’m gonna be traveling Thursday and my work schedule is all shifted cuz of the holiday so there probably won’t be a Friday update! Blame the pilgrims!

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Love the continuity jabs 😀
…but is Elmsly the de facto owner of the destroyed Cluck Off property now? Smells like it.
My only gripe with this scene at all is that it feels like the chapter should have ended with the Shamble scene, with this being an interlude chapter of some sort.
All of the art and writing is beautiful, I’m so glad that this exists.

Waiiitttt you people read cucumber quest? You are my official favourite group of people(besides my friends)

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