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Beyond the Canopy 597-599

Beyond the Canopy 597-599 published on 10 Comments on Beyond the Canopy 597-599


This chapter’s been a bit of a rocky one for me and took damn near forever, so thanks for sticking with me on this one.

I’m gonna be taking a bit of time off to get pages prepped for the next chapter and take care of some other things. I’ve been kinda swamped between my new job and side work, so I’d like to try and get a decent buffer built up without having to stress about an update schedule for a bit. I’ll post updates to my twitter, @itsgreliz, so I guess keep an eye on things there. See y’all soon!

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Stopping by to say hello!
Reread some of the earlier bits, noticed some of the really bad puns I didn’t catch before.
I hope you’re doing well and that everything is becoming normal again.
Gave someone one of the Valentine’s day cards (babsly one) and they liked it a lot, thanks 😀

Well, now that it’s been all of eleven months, and I’ve finally caught up with the last comic of the tenth chapter, is there any hope for a continuation of this highly enjoyable group?

If not, it’s been an enjoyable trip.

Thanks for being as creative as you are.

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