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Saph… FIRE!?
As always, your puns never cease to amaze!

You see, Rubies and Sapphires are effectively the same material, simply different variations. When a Sapphire is a aflame, it may spontaneously obtain a ruby for its core, turning it into a “Sah-fire” which is a fire based type of Essentia.

Intriguingly in Nature Sahfires are used by many species however this usually is also combined with heavy amounts of other Essentia. The most notable “pure” type of Sahfire essentia consumption was primarily Sahfires with a small amount of AmpoorSand (dehumidifying essentia) which resulted in a great drying out of the local areas. It occurred in a Gigas Monitor (which consumes a roughly 20:3 ratio of two types of essentia and has particularly interesting iterations, making them sometimes confused with dragons) in a large Archipelago where it clashed with a solely aquatic Leviathan Flitwing which consumed an inordinate amount of Volt Puffs and Spout Stones. The fight is said to have occurred a long time ago and has permanently imprinted itself on the local culture. Despite a surprisingly well done oral retelling, due to the needlessly inclement weather no one has a proper recording of the incident and there are disputes about what caused it and what ended it, although there are rumors that the event was engineered by an unknown perpetrator.

Why does an octopus have an essentia? The fauna essentia isn’t a living thing, right? Whoops, I dropped one. Where is it!? Did my cat eat it? ‘Cause now he’s glowin’ like that gleamslug I just dropped. He ate it? Whaaaaat why?
Cat: I thought it was that soft cat food you buy for me at the store
Really? Oh then I should have bought a Volt Puff.
Cat: I would have thought it was an edible dust ball
Uhhh… I didn’t think you would eat that tho…

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