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Wow. Not sure if clumsy political statement or just very creepy. At any rate, it’s making me feel miserable as I think about a very dear friend who held on, to the bitter end, through -horrific- things… and whose life DEFINITELY still had value even as it was ending. Even as her mind was altered. Her self, character, and humanity were all still there, and she encouraged everybody she could! ;_; Now I’m mad. Still love the comic, and sorry for the soapbox, but GEEZ. I will never just go along with the creation of a culture that encourages sick people to kill themselves. That’s wrong.

I’m pretty sure this is based on how vikings strove to die honorable deaths in battles and whatnot. The dialog says that it was Dorian’s choice to die on his own terms, so I think this is just to show he was a virtuous guy who didn’t want to wait for death to come to him.

My sincerest condolences about your friend. However, this comic was not about Dorian committing anything like suicide. Basically it was he knew that he was nearing too far gone and then wanted to go out with a bang so to speak. Dorian wanted to be able to go on one last adventure in case he was unable to do it again, to be able to have a final bow. He wasn’t sure he would survive of course because really its a freaking axolotl and sea dragons 14 times your size. You can’t go hunting there and say for sure you’ll come back. The fact that dorian died there was a partial coincidence. Not him intentionally killing himself because he was sick.

*SOB* so sad. :'( someone dies in your family… your alone with your (annoying) brother… have no mom… wait. NO MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHH!!!!! That’s just… just … um… no offense but that is just… hilarious. (Sorry for ruining The Moment) 🙁

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