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Redwood’s not good with politics

I know I said this’d be up on Christmas but OOPS family stuff got overwhelming and uhhh also I got a PS4 and Bloodborne so. That happened. 🙂

ANYWAYS! This is the last page of the year! I have to take a bit of time off to finish a freelance thing for a wedding that is FAST approaching, so I’m going to give myself the time I need and resume updating on January 12th! Thanks for sticking with me for another year, everyone! See ya in 2016!

EDIT: I’m gonna have to push the first 2016 update to the 15th of January! Some new bits got added to this freelance job that I need to focus on. Sorry for the delay!

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Don’t sweat it Redwood. Everything should be fine with Lavender advising you with what you need to know.

Also, good luck with your freelance work, and playing Bloodborne especially. I’ve read it can be a hard game to play if you’re not careful.

you must collect the chaos emeral…. wait wrong story

you must get the disaster sto…… still wrong story

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