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5-19-16: Hey all! Just wanted to let you all know I need to push the next update ’til next Tuesday, I’m taking an extended rest post-TCAF because my body was not doing nice things to me up in Canada and I’m trying to get it to calm down so I can actually concentrate on work. Sorry for the delay!

Glenn is standing by with a pitchfork and torch to BURN THE WITCH IN THE BOX

Things have been hectic as heck cuz I’ve been prepping for TCAF! I’ll be there this weekend at table Q5 with my friend Leigh Davis! I’ll have books and stickers and I’ll be debuting this monster gal book! Stop on by!!

Sorry for all the delays, once I’m back from TCAF updates’ll resume on the 20th!

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Blaust I’ve run out of material.
Aw well, can’t wait to get more of this, haven’t been this invested in a comic since Homestuck was updating.
I appreciate the unique fantasy setting, so many people take the boring rout and just copy Tolkian.

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