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I wonder if Vesa counts this as Glen cheating on him/her/them.
Cuz Vesa is a tree, and that has a LOT of thorns and vines.
Is it the soul remains of P-TUNIA???

I thought that was his link to Vespa? I’m not an expert at reading auras though.

Does p-tunia mean something as a name? Or does Vespa?

P-tunia refers to petunia, a genus of solanaceae (it’s a flower), and it’s a pun with the fact that, if I remember right, he says he is “tuned”. But they have neither thorns nor wines, and although they are in the most toxic group of plants petunias aren’t toxic, and haven’t been reported to suck souls, so not so much similarities with P-tunia.

Vespa is the name of an italian scooter. But the actual name is Vesa, which means nothing to me, sorry. Maybe a link to the indian veda, but that would make no sense.

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