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Kymirus understands english, he just chooses not to learn how to speak it cuz HE DOESN’T CARE

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“Arbor Nightside”. That’s almost like calling yourself something like “Goge Vandire”, you sound evil from the get-go.

The ellipsis before his name looked like a solid line for a split second there and I thought he was actually known as “_Arbor Nightshade”, like some guy took the username he wanted in a game and he added a stupid underscore thing at the beginning so he could still use it. XD

Isn’t it a bit weird that his last name is “Nightshade”? I mean c’mon do you ever see any normal people with such an edgy last name? You’re pretty much destined to be a bad guy at that point.

then again he couldve just renamed it “nightshade” to sound edgy and grim idk

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