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Precaution in response to a display of hostility?

Pardon but who barged in past all the security and guards – wait where are all the guards that are supposed to stop attackers, assassins and encyclopedia salesmen from getting in in the first place?

So are we seeing a declaration of war or conquest since she arrived unopposed?

Valencia’s arrogant and thinks she’s entitled to be there because her father was summoned. Nevermind the fact she barged in unannounced, she thinks it’s perfectly within her rights.

As for the guards, Corazana may not be the only one with a way to swiftly deal with trouble. :o)

a) how is it possible to manipulate gravity like that?
b) how is it possible to make yourself immune to the effects of increased local gravity.
c) is it effects or affects, I can never remember?

There is a lot to be explained here!

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