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11/28/16: Hey guys, we’ll be back Friday with a two-pager! In the meantime, as of this writing it’s CYBER MONDAY so check out some sales I’ve got going on:

50% off ebooks here! Coupon code is cyboy
30% off physical goods on my Storenvy! Coupon code is BEEPBOOP
And lastly, shirts on Teepublic are slashed from $20 to $14 today!

I’ll be running the ebook and storenvy sale through tuesday for y’all, I don’t have any control over the Teepublic one so that’s likely gonna be over by then. Anyways, I hope you’ll look into some of my cool stuff, and see ya Friday!

Hope y’all had a good turkey day, NOW YOU GOTTA STUFF THIS COMIC DOWN YOUR GULLET

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I didn’t get “Luka Nova”s pun until I read it out loud … the pain, the pain! 🙂

Yeah, I don’t get it myself and I’ve been saying it over and over again, what’s the pun?

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