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Family surgery last week, sick dog this week, this month’s not being kind!!! I’m trying to get back up to 2 pages a week but for now I’m at least trying to keep friday updates steady. Sorry it’s been so rocky lately!

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It was only a matter of time before someone weaponized bad puns.

Wait I have a question…
Back in the olden days of page 35, Seb’ Clockwise appears to know someone named “junior” who lives with him and who calls Seb dad. It isn’t clear if this is a. DEWEY (who is the assistant and calls seb “pops”) b. Seb’s actual son/grandson whose father died in the war or something and lives downstairs or c. A scrapped character who ultimately became the idea of dewey and a springboard for the existence of like 8 different species/races.

Pretty sure that “junior” is actually Pedro from the bar fight. Especially since he was reintroduced with a scene where he tells his dad off by leaving out his bedroom window.

Well that makes the plot a bit thicker…
Pedro is a scarecrow and uses a card based weaponry, so I think he is one of the puppet people…
So then does that mean that Pedro is a son of a dead friend of SCW/random kid found on the street? I doubt he’s actually an intelligent scarecrow made by SCW because it has been established that essentia doesn’t go that far (sentience but not equal to the Puppets). The other thing is how does dewey factor in? If Pedro is living with SCW then what does that mean for Dewey (who is the assistant of SCW)?
I think I’m over thinking this but it just is a particularly anomalous piece of an otherwise fairly well arranged and understandable story.

You’re overthinking things. 😉

Also, I appreciate your enthusiasm but can you please keep to one name for your comments? I’ve got one pending from you where you put like, a dang dragon riddle as your username and that’s a wee bit overboard.

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