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*Insert Riku’s theme. Hey, I find it fits the scene*
So, who will it be?
Will it be Glade, working through the mysteries of Vesa at least for a little?
Or Glenn, having a discussion with DEWEY and Sebastian about going to the Northwest?
Or prehaps even good ol’ Greliz and Jojo off to crack the code or something I don’t know.
Then again, Bonebone (?) and Shambles could easily be plotting their next move….
WHAT NOW??????????????
Just speculation but I’m guessing it’s Glenn or G&J

Dear GReLiz (or Johnathan Griffiths), I really hope you are alright. While I can understand family issues, and that you are at a good spot for a hiatus (coughHelveticacough) I must say that we could use a “Hey, not dead, just REALLY busy” post from you.
No offense meant, and I hope you can work out any issues you are currently handling.
– Sans Spriggs

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