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Just a heads up, this is gonna be the only update this week! I’m heading out early Thursday to begin wrangling travel buds to head down to the Small Press Expo! I’m not tabling this year, unfortunately! I’ll just be walking around treating this as a much -needed vacation. Updates will resume next Tuesday! Also, NEXT weekend I’ll be at Topatocon, I’ll post details next Tuesday as well!

In MORE IMPORTANT NEWS–my good friend Toby Fox has a game dropping TODAY!! At 12PM EST! It’s called Undertale! You may have heard of it? Or even played the demo??? If not, check the link!! Even if you have, check the link again anyway BECAUSE it might be past noon already and you may not have bought it yet!!! Anyways, it’s a great little RPG where you can choose not to kill a single enemy! And also date a skeleton? And….give money….to spiders???? I got the chance to play the game through and let me tell you guys, you’re in for an amazing game filled with lovable characters, some amazing humor, and incredible….flexing??? Take it from me! The guy who draws this comic.

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