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Beyond the Canopy 590

Beyond the Canopy 590 published on 9 Comments on Beyond the Canopy 590

Well Elmsly, maybe you’d know what they were up to IF THE WOODS WOULD GET CABLE ALREADY!!

I forgot Thanksgiving is this week! I’m gonna be traveling Thursday and my work schedule is all shifted cuz of the holiday so there probably won’t be a Friday update! Blame the pilgrims!

HALLOWEEN 2018!!!!

HALLOWEEN 2018!!!! published on 6 Comments on HALLOWEEN 2018!!!!

11-2-18: Didn’t have time to get another page ready for today, so I’ll see you guys Tuesday!


I had to pull double duty here, this serves as both a Halloween update and my monthly patreon wallpaper for $5 backers, they get access to high res files of this and all past wallpapers.

Anyways, here’s who’s who this year:

Glenn and Dewey as KO and Enid from OK KO
Glade as Carrot from One Piece
Elmsly as Sylvando from Dragon Quest 11
Stump as Alolan Muk
Professor Clockwise as Steve Buscemi
Shambles as Monokuma
Horatio as Venom
Poncy as Yoshikage Kira from Jojo Part 4
aaaand a lil Sprocket as the Babadook :’)

That’s it for now, may your day give you a bounty of candy corn