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We’re back! Sorry, it’s been a rough month between the stomach flu and heavier hours at my job. We’re getting back on track though! This chapter doesn’t have too much longer to go so strap yourselves in!

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So we’re cueing a daring rescue right? Right?!?

I am thinking something a bit more comprehensive here.
This is not your average big bad evil bad guy trying to take over the world [or destroy it] but an over the top evil sovereign who has the resources of a nation to do his dirty deeds.
Where is the Praetorian Guard when you need them?

Does this Muppet(tm) have anything to do with the attacks mentioned earlier in the story?
If not, then is he taking advantage of the situation or is he totally oblivious until his stuffing is on fire?

Nah, the attacks Redwood mentioned way back in chapter 6 were Boneburn’s doing. Patchverk’s probably been told about weird stuff happening in the Parchlands but he doesn’t care about anything outside the Canyon unless it’ll make him money.

Frankly, even if he seems to have won the first round this is a really bad idea. He’s just kidnapped another of the Sovereigns and assaulted the other five, and as vicious as his revenge on Bramble is it isn’t an instant death and he’s far too dangerous to keep alive as an enemy. All of this he put into motion just at the peak of loyalty between the other Sovereigns, and when a threat greater than one megalomaniac is on the way and might strike anywhere. I give it 50/50 odds that Boneburn is smart enough and well-informed enough not to strike his opening blows against Patchverk’s, and even if Boneburn doesn’t do anything Patchverk’s still just opened a six-front war.

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