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Also also, how does the “moderation work”? Sometimes my responses go instantly other times they take over a day.
I’m just curious ._.

I have it set up where I have to approve any comments by any posters using a new name, since I had lots of spam issues on the first iteration of my site. So when you keep posting under new names, it keeps shoving them in the mod queue until I get around to approving them.

I’d suggest sticking with a single username to avoid this, because while I do appreciate the energy in your comments, seeing like 5 different usernames associated with the same IP address gets to be kind of a headache for me. :’)

You found me!
Actually I think I’ll stick to this one for the most part. Any of the other ones I do I’ll just do for making semi-subtle references, of which I’ve already made most of them for the time being.
Sorry for the inconvenience, I can understand you having to deal with spam. One of my favorite comics (that is inexplicably NOT this), Moe (firmanproductions) has a sizable amount of pages with spam on them so I have a rough idea of where your coming from. Thanks for putting up with it, I’ll keep the whole alternating usernames for comments thing down from now on.
For everyone else I have also gone by HamSprigg and HamCanopy I think. I do have a few others but I shall keep those a secret because reasons. Although a quick glance at dates makes it obvious.

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